Psychology Course Descriptions

Psy 105 – Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hours)
A survey of the main fields of psychology: the history and methods of psychology, the nervous and endocrine systems, sensation, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, higher cognitive processes, developmental psychology, motivation, emotion, stress, person- ality theory, sexuality, intelligence, psychological testing, abnormal psychology, psycho- therapy, social psychology, and applied psychology.

Psy 270 – Cognitive Psychology (3 credit hours) 
An in-depth survey of the fields of cognitive psychology: physiological, sensation, perception, learning, memory, language, and cognition. Prerequisite: Psy 105.

Psy 300 – Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours) 
A study of human growth and development from conception to death. The course deals with physical, social, emotional, intellectual, moral, and personality development at all age levels, and the respective theories; the effects of heredity and environment on the develop- mental process. Prerequisite: Psy 105 or permission of instructor.

Psy 303 – Introduction to Counseling (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to the theories and practices of contemporary personal, marriage, academ- ic, and vocational counseling. Emphasis is placed on facilitative responses, listening, and other helping skills. Includes taped counseling interviews, case studies, and role-playing. Prerequisites: Psy 102, 105, or equivalent; junior status.

Psy 350 – Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours) 
Abnormal psychopathology, including mental disorders, their treatment, models accounting for psychopathology, and community health programs. Prerequisite: Psy 105.

Psy 365 – Personality Theory (3 credit hours) 
An examination of the most prominent personality theories in terms of their origins, influ- ence on contemporary psychological thought, and relevance to psychology as a human science. Prerequisites: Psy 105 and junior status with at least 9 credit hours in psychology.

Psy 370 – Topics in Psychology (3 credit hours) 
Various topics in psychology will be taught on a rotating basis, in response to student needs and interests. Topics include (but are not limited to) Health Psychology, Sports Psycholo- gy, Forensic Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Human Genetics, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Environmental Psychology, and Psychology of Religion. Course may be taken more than once. Prerequisite: Psy 105.

Psy 380 – Biopsychology (3 credit hours)
An overview of the structure and function of the human nervous system as it affects human processes such as memory, emotions, learning, and psychopathology; also covered are the effects of brain damage on behavior. Prerequisite: Psy 105 or permission of instructor.

Psy 405 – Research Methods (3 credit hours)
An introduction to the scientific method and the various types of research. Students will develop research proposals. Prerequisites: Psy 105 or equivalent; Mth 250; junior status with at least 12 credit hours in psychology. Pls 405 may be substituted.

Psy 406 – History and Systems of Psychology (3 credit hours)
Begins with psychology’s origins in philosophy and covers various schools of psychology, the development of experimental psychology, the influence of psychoanalysis on psycholo- gy, and trends in humanistic psychology. Recommended: Psy 105 and junior/senior status.